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    An ICC Chapter


    We are a Singapore chapter of the

    Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC).

    We are a group of like-minded families who desire to mentor not only children but also adults to be able to lead and serve in their communities, through public speaking. Our meetings are held twice a month to practise public speaking, fellowship, and get to know each other better. The ages of the speakers in our chapter range from 7-17.



    Our name stands for

    Impacting Many Parents, Adults, Children, and Teens for Christ Everywhere.

  • What We Do

    IMPACT-ing you  to IMPACT others

    Our Mission:


    Empowering next generation Christians to be Ready For Influence


    Our Chapter Verse:

    Do not let any unwholesome talk

    come out of your mouths,

    but only what is helpful for

    building others up according to their needs,

    that it may benefit those who listen.

    Ephesians 4:29

    Eligible student membership is from ages 6-18.


    Find out the recent happenings in our chapter!

    Kicking off the new year

    ICC 2017-2018 let's go!


    We started off the new chapter year with several new families and they're all extremely enthusiastic to begin. For the first devotion, we learnt about the GOOP- respect for God, Others, Ourselves, and Property. We also learnt about why these skills are so important in Chapter and how we can apply them.


    East Asia @ iCon 2017

    Asian invasion

    Even though we've sent groups from East Asia to iCon consistently for the past three years, this year's group was the largest so far at iCon with about 30 individuals! Almost all of the chapters in East Asia were represented, including two students from Words ALIVE in Malaysia. Our group was also blessed to be able to have some of the fathers come along to show their support and learn more about the organisation that their children have benefited so much from. See the highlights here!


    Global Student Leader Media Team

    We have finally gone from National to Global


    For this new upcoming Chapter year, John will be serving on the Global Student Leader Media Team (GSLMT). Besides helping to formally document ICC's events in East Asia, he will be working with the other members of the GSLMT to create multiple pieces of media that will be used throughout ICC. The GSLMT was formerly known as the NSLMT- the National Student Leader Media Team. The GSLC also underwent a name change- from National Student Leader Council to Global Student Leader Council. We're extremely proud of all the East Asians who've stepped up to serve in these roles!


    East Asia Influence Expo

    Another first for East Asia

    Earlier this month in November, we participated in the East Asia Influence Expo. Dr Teresa Moon, the founder of ICC and Mrs Eunice Au, the Director of ICC's Online Academy, came to East Asia to build up leaders and get the public acquainted with the various aspects of ICC. For the first time, there were no instructors from the US. Instead, there were a group of nine more experienced Student Leaders representing most of the chapters in East Asia, who were designated as Expo Influencers. Besides being responsible for carrying out activities and serving as role models, they were also directly mentored by Dr Moon, Mrs Au and our Area Coordinator, Mrs Shepherd. Read about John's experience as an Expo Influencer here!


    First East Asia ASLC

    For the first time in ICC history...an ASLC member outside the US


    Congratulations to John from IMPACT forCE for becoming the first ICC student outside of the US to be part of the Area Student Leader Council (ASLC)! As part of his duties as an ASLC member, he will be helping to lead the East Asia YSG calls along with Jack C., a National Student Leader Council (NSLC) member who used to be leading the East Asia YSG Calls.

    We're back from iCon

    The Return of the East Asia iCon Team

    After 3 weeks of fun, excitement and learning, the 12-man (and mom) strong team have returned. We all did very well, especially Noel L. and John H. from Chapter C.I.A. who managed to advance into the semi-finals of debate at the International Tournament. John T. from Chapter IMPACT forCE did well and managed to get 14th place in Radio Broadcasting out of more than 60 competitors. Visit http://dragonbabies.strikingly.com to read more about the EA iCon team's adventures.



    Inagural Inter-Chapter Games

    Running-man style!


    Aunty Connie and Aunty Sau Wan from C.I.A. and Lions for the Lord, organised our very first Inter-Chapter Games. Running-Man style! Representatives from all the Chapters in Singapore came to participate. We missed you Words A.L.I.V.E.! Everyone had fun running around Kallang Wave Mall (due to miscommunication ;D) trying to complete missions and trying to chase the other team down. Although we didn't manage to complete all the missions and the hunters didn't manage to catch everyone, we all had a good time bonding with each other!


    East Asia CFC 2016

    Breaking boundaries, creating history


    This year's conference with the theme "Share Experience" was our biggest conference so far. ICC history was also created when Eliza Tan (Words A.L.I.V.E.) and John Teoh (IMPACT forCE) were the first ones from the East Asia region to be inducted into the Guild. At this year's tournament, it was also the first time the YSG Guild award was handed out. Congratulations to all speakers, especially those who got invitations to the International Convention (iCON)!!!


    IMPACT forCE moves house

    Thank you!


    For the past chapter year, our meetings have been held at Evangel Bible-Presbyterian Church  We are very grateful to them for allowing us to use their facilities for the past few months. Recently, because of recent developments, we are unable to use their premises any longer. We will be shifting to another church  in the area for chapter meetings. We would like to thank Evangel Bible-Presbyterian again for hosting us and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 


    Our new blog writer

    Prepare for the Outstanding, Outspoken, and Outrageously awesome....


    .....Owen Ngeow!!! John, who is the Media Coordinator and Historian in our Chapter will be assisted by Owen from 2016 onwards to write our Chapter blogs. You might have noticed his name at the bottom of our recent blog posts. He will be helping to document what happens in all our chapter meetings as well as any special events that we have such as Chapter presentations (or barbecues 🔥). We would like to thank him for taking time to help out in this area!


    Chapter Presentation 2015

    Sharing the Christmas Story through Narrations, Songs and Games


    We had our second Chapter Presentation cum Christmas celebration on 19th December together with some invited guests. Following ice-breaker games, we had a sumptuous dinner of pizza as well as some home-made food. After dinner, the Nativity story was told in the form of a treasure hunt and the singing of some carols.


    Inaugural meeting of 2015-2016

    New year, new members, new memories


    On 19th June IMPACT forCE had its first formal meeting for the new chapter year. We were encouraged by Chapter Sponsor Apple's theme verse for the year, Luke 18:27: "Jesus replied, 'What is impossible with man is possible with God.'" 


    Our chapter website also has a new feature- a chapter blog, in which various chapter members will write about our bi-monthly meetings and share what they learnt from that week's meeting.


    Last Chapter Meeting of the Chapter year

    Welcoming new people to our chapter


    We just had our last Chapter Meeting of the Chapter year on 20 April. All the chapter members gave speeches about what they have learnt in the past Chapter year and what they hope to achieve in the next. We are currently looking for more families to join the chapter so if you are interested, do contact us.


    IMPACT 2015

    2nd ICC Conference in Singapore


    On March 19 and 20, ICC held their second conference at RiverLife Church. It was a booming success with more than 200 adults and children attending the conference. Many participants came away with new or increased understanding of how to be a good speaker and how to be a good leader.


    Official Website Launched

    This very website you are looking at!


    At our chapter dinner, we took the opportunity to ask our former chapter sponsor Julianne to launch the very website that you are looking at right now! Our website will be updated every time something new happens in our chapter so stay tuned!


    First Chapter Dinner

    Chapter T-Shirts and launch of website


    On February 15, we went out for a chapter dinner. After dinner, our former Chapter Sponsor, Julianne, presented all the chapter members with our new chapter T-shirts.


    First Chapter Presentation

    A great opportunity to share about ICC and the upcoming IMPACT Conference!


    On February 7 2015, we visited the Shalom Homeschooling Group at their weekly Bible study at Bukit Batok Park. We took the opportunity to share about the different speeches that we have learnt: Expository, Dramatic, Extemporaneous and Persuasive. It was also a great time to share about ICC and the upcoming IMPACT Conference right here in Singapore.


    Chapter handing-over

    We have a new Chapter leader!


    Co-sponsor Apple Wong takes over the reins from current sponsor Julianne Miller, who has led the chapter through an eventful 6 months. Under Julianne, we have seen the development of the chapter name and logo. Julianne was the first leader of the Chapter, forming it together with Apple last year in May 2014. We welcome Apple as our new chapter sponsor and wish Julianne all the best in her future undertakings and endeavours!


    Revealed-Our chapter logo

    Our official logo!



    After many rounds of discussion, and sifting through at least 15 different designs drawn up by various chapter members, we eventually decided on this--our chapter name with a sword at the back.


    Our new name

    Finally, our chapter has an official name


    Out of many names suggested by out chapter members, we eventually decided on the name IMPACT forCE. Our name is an acronym which stands for: Impacting Many Parents, Adults, Children and Teens for Christ Everywhere. That is exactly what we hope to do--to impact people from all walks of life who are around us in our community. To celebrate the official naming of our chapter, we had a special ice-cream party! (If you look closely at the picture you can see that some of us are holding ice-cream in cups!)



    Writings from Chapter members about our Chapter meetings will be regularly posted here.


    Find out what things are coming up both in IMPACT forCE and ICC

    Timothy was young. Yet Paul challenged him not to let anyone look down on him.
    He could make a difference by being an example!


    Today’s youth are not prepared for the real world

    Young people can’t set an example if they don’t know how to speak

    At 4:12 we develop the whole person

    We start with speech.


    Join us at the 4:12 conference, and be equipped to be the example.


    In ONE day, experience…

    • Coaching - Build confidence and conviction as seasoned coaches instruct, encourage, and challenge you and your students.

    • Community - Learn new skills in a safe, wholesome community of like-minded parents and students; explore together with fellow Jesus-followers how to execute our mandate to “be an example.”

    • Curriculum - Discover easy-to-use resources and take home tools to keep growing competence and character in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity every day.

    • Connection - Join a growing global community that is empowering next generation Christians to become people of influence in today’s culture and connect with people and ideas that make a difference.


    But, why 4:12? Click here to hear ICC’s President, Dr. Teresa Moon, share her heart and the vision of the Institute for Cultural Communicators to develop the whole person so they are prepared for the future:


    Hear from Charis, a student in Malaysia: https://iccinc.org/blog/charis-story-412

    Highlights from our CFC Conference last year: https://vimeo.com/160254616


    For more info,

    Visit ICCinc.org/experience-412


    Contact: michelle.loh@iccinc.org



    Find out what has happened already in IMPACT forCE and ICC

    The trailer video for the past IMPACT 2015 Conference in Singapore

    The video for the IMPACT 2015 Conference in Singapore

    Watch the Communicators for Christ East Asia 2016 Promotional Video! ~Created by Eliza Tan from chapter Words A.L.I.V.E.

    The U.S. Team, various Leaders in the East Asia region and Student Instructors

    The International Convention (iCON) is coming soon! A team of 12 people from East Asia-4 coaches and 8 students, will be representing East Asia at the International Tournament and at iCON. Here's a message from the team:

    Airfares to the U.S. aren't cheap and neither are the registration fees. Despite this, we still are making the trip as we have seen how we have grown personally in the Lord, in our character and in our communication skills. We have also seen how we can impact the younger speakers in our chapters. We hope that you will be willing to invest in us and pray for us.

    We would appreciate any amount that you are willing to give.

    If you would like to donate, please connect with our team leader, Apple Teoh. Email: apple.teoh@iccinc.org Phone: 91124291

    Thank you so much for your generous support!


    Visit http://dragonbabies.strikingly.com to read about the EA iCon Team's adventures!





    Other ICC chapters in East Asia

    Words A.L.I.V.E.

    Click on the icon to visit their chapter blog!

    Words A.L.I.V.E. is an ICC chapter located in KL Malaysia. The word A.L.I.V.E. stands for

    A Light In Virtuous Expression.


    O.A.K.S. of Righteousness

    Click on the icon to visit their chapter website!

    O.A.K.S. of Righteousness is a Singapore chapter that wants to glorify God and build his Kingdom through their words and actions. Their name stands for Outstanding, Amazing Kids Speaking of Righteousness.

    Communicators In Action (C.I.A.)

    Click on the icon to visit their chapter website!

    CIA teaches students biblical values, the importance of communication, character and leadership. They meet once a fortnight to practice their speeches, learn the above, and most of all have fun!

    Lions for the Lord

    Click on the icon to visit their chapter website!

      Lions for the Lord is a group of homeschooled children and youth in Singapore, who are proud to have formed the first international chapter of the Institute for Cultural Communicators.



      To find out more, leave us a message!

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