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12 February 2016 Current News

On the 12th of February, we had a fun game organized by Uncle Weng Pheng. The game was about forming groups with a specified number and type of people, and those who could not get into a group stood out at the “observation deck”, out of the playing field.

After that, our Chapter Sponsor gave the devotion about another part of the Nicene Creed. Then we split up into our small groups to rehearse our speeches and get feedback from our coaches. After we came back together, we all presented our newspaper articles show-and-tell speeches. We all had interesting articles to talk about!

Then we had lunch, and the YSG went back for Limited Prep. 

Thoughts on this week's chapter meeting:

The news articles were interesting, and I liked presenting my speech, but I didn’t really like the game. ~Jake

~Written by Owen Ngeow

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