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13 January First Meeting

13 January was our first normal chapter meeting. It went as usual, starting with opening activities, then games and then we split into YSG and YCC. After that, we rejoined to practice the chapter presentation.

In the game, facilitated by Rebecca and Jia En, everyone was either a shelter or a person and depending on what the person in front said, some of us would have to move around and change shelters.

The devotion by me continued with the Beatitudes. We did Matthew 5:6, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.." We learnt that if we crave God's righteousness and repent, He will satisfy us with His salvation. Hungering and thirsting here is different from normal, as it means to crave above all other things.

In YSG teaching, we refreshed our memory of P3 + R3 = C3. It stands for Purpose, Prepare, Present, Rate, Respond, Record, and Competent, Character-driven Communicator. Then, we had an activity where we were split into 3 groups. Each group got 2 speaking skills that we acted out in a skit where someone did not do them well. Then the other groups guessed what skills it was. After that we went through our portfolios and got ready for new platforms and speeches for this year. Meanwhile, the YCC-ers practiced impromptu speaking.

The chapter presentation was fine. However, we could not use the piano as it belonged to the church and so it was a bit hard for everyone to sing the correct notes.

I liked the game at the beginning and the impromptu speeches in YCC time. ~Jake

~Written by Owen Ngeow

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