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19 December 2015 Christmas Outreach

We had our second Chapter Presentation cum Christmas outreach on 19th December together with some invited guests. Following ice-breaker games, we had a sumptuous dinner of pizza as well as some home-made food. After dinner, the Christmas story was told in the form of a treasure hunt and the singing of some carols. It was a blessed time and everyone had fun working together.

Some thoughts on the outreach:

I liked presenting the story and Christmas hunt. ~Jake

This year's Christmas outreach was very different from the past, because there were fewer people and it was the first time that my family and I worked with our chapter. One of the things that I enjoyed was that Rebecca played the piano, as in the past, we only sang a capella or accompanied by the guitar. I'm also glad that the chapter could work together to share the Christmas story and lead the games. Above all, I'm happy to see that the guests participated actively and enthusiastically. One aspect that we could improve on is to plan the activities in advance, so that we can have more time to practice. I am glad to be in the IMPACT forCE chapter, and I hope that we can continue to impact many lives. ~Jia En

~Written by Owen Ngeow

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