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19 June 2015
"With God all things are POSSIBLE"

Happy 1st Birthday IMPACT forCE!
Reflections from the first father to join us regularly for our chapter meetings:
My first impression of ICC left me with 2 simple reflections: 
1) Speak with Wholeness
As we shared about the Chapter's vision and mission, I was reminded that we are to keep our speech holy and pure. In all that we say, we need to be building others up and not tearing others down. God has blessed us with the ability to speak, so let us use it for His glory
2) Live with Purposefulness
During the devotion, our Chapter Sponsor, Apple, shared the verse 'With God all things is possible'. I am reminded of what is our purpose after attending every chapter meeting and learning some skills to speak confidently. It is ultimately to glorify God. Hence we need to live with a sense of purpose and recognize the reason why we do what we do.
May the Lord lead and guide us as we walk humbly and faithfully after Him.
Uncle Weng Pheng
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