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22 April 2016 Drama, drama and more drama

Our chapter meeting on 22 April was very dramatic, as everyone was presenting their dramatic interpretations. The meeting was like normal, with games and devotions followed by splitting into YSG and BPS separate coaching sessions, and after that speech presentations and lunch. Aunty Naomi facilitated the game, where we had to run around and do actions in slow motion. The devotion by Rebecca was about the next part of the Nicene Creed and Mentoring. However, the YSG did not come back for Limited Prep on that day.

In YSG, we practiced our interpretations and did a little Limited Prep, and in BPS, they played a game about Dramatic Interpretations, then practiced their speeches.

When we rejoined each other, everyone presented their interpretations. There was a big variety of stories that were presented, and everyone did well.

Our meeting went well overall, and everyone had fun making speeches and playing with one another.

Thoughts on this week's meeting:

As usual, I enjoyed the chapter meeting very much. I think that the devotion could be better, because it was quite short. I am happy to be able to practice and present my dramatic interpretation again next meeting! ~Isaac

~Written by Owen Ngeow

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