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29 January 2015 The Nicene Creed

To start off our Chapter Meeting, we played a game about cooperation and teamwork that was facilitated by Rebecca. We split into two teams and were told a word to act out. The teams then had 1 minute to act out that word. When the 1 minute was up, the teams would take turns acting out the word and then have a representative from each group explain what they acted out and why it best describes the word.
After the game, Uncle Weng Pheng shared with us the devotion. He was teaching us about the Nicene Creed. After that, we broke into our YSG and BPS coaching groups.The BPS students learnt about informative speeches and projection through a fun activity. The YSG students learnt about projection and some interesting ways to aid in memorization based on our most preferred style of learning. At the end all of us practised our Show and Tell speeches.
After the coaching sessions, we came back together and everyone presented their speeches. It was Isaac's first time giving a speech and he did very well. He also presented his Self-Introduction as art of his YSG curriculum. 
We then had a quick lunch and debrief and enjoyed a time of fellowship with each other. After lunch, some of the BPS students went home while the YSG stayed behind for a while to practise their Limited Preparation speeches.
~Written by Owen Ngeow
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