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5 August Welcoming New Friends

New Friends!

It was our first official chapter meeting on the 5th of August. We had not one, not two, but 4 new friends joining us! Aunty Heather and her children, Eli, Zac and Abigail are out newest chapter members in IMPACT forCE. Instead of the usual speech coaching, we had ParentzConnect and


First, we all introduced ourselves and welcomed Aunty Heather, Eli, Zac and Abigail.

Then we had a devotion by Aunty Apple, about the verse Matthew 6:13:

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

After that, in KidzConnect, John and Rebecca shared their speeches about their iCON experience, and then we played some games, including "3, 6, 9", "Reactions" and "Sneak a Peek".

In ParentzConnect, the adults discussed and planned for the year ahead.

After we were all finished, we went for lunch.

Everyone had a good time overall today, especially our new chapter members.

"Sneak a Peek" Group 3
Having fun with Duplo blocks
How accurate are each groups' creations to the original?


It is a rather typical chapter meeting. We got to welcome a new family

today! We played a number of games today as well! It would be better if

the younger ones cooperate with us more. ~Isaac

~Blog post by Owen Ngeow

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