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8 April 2016 Kunga!

Our chapter meeting on 8 April was formatted slightly differently from usual. We started out with games and devotions, but instead of splitting into YSG and BPS, we had ParentzConnect and KidzConnect. The game, organized by Aunty Dorcas, was “Kunga”, where everyone had to work together to chant to the rhythm while passing the 'bunny' around by making eye contact. After that Uncle David presented the devotion, continuing with the Nicene Creed. 

During ParentzConnect, the parents all shared their experiences at thoughts about the recent CFC conference while in KidzConnect, we split into two groups and practised our speeches, then we played two games. The first game involved everyone closing their eyes, and trying to count up to a certain number. If two people said the same number, we would have to restart. The second game, called “Who, sir, me, sir?”, required us to say a series of lines as fast as we could. Then we came back together, and presented our speeches.There was no YSG after lunch. This chapter meeting was also our first meeting in Community of Praise Baptist Church.

Thoughts on this week's meeting:

I liked playing the games and practising my speech. ~Jake

~Written by Owen Ngeow

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