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8 July 2016 Games Day

Our first meeting on 8 July was not as per normal. Instead of meeting as

usual in the church, we gathered at West Coast Park for some games.

First we had a scavenger hunt, which was organised by Uncle Weng Pheng, where we were split into 2 teams, and each team had to find some items on a list. After that, it started raining and so we had to take refuge in a shelter. To pass the time, we played the game "Yes, No, Maybe" which was facilitated by Isaac. How the game worked was that we were divided into 3 different teams, and one team had to think of a particular item (first round was a Bible character, second round was an object, last round was anything) while the other 2 guessed what it was. After it

stopped raining, we headed for lunch.

Huddling in the Rain. Photos by Aunty Adeline.

We had a very fun day, playing many games with each other. Although it

was raining, we did not mind too much and still managed to have fun

playing games indoor. We also had a great lunch together.

Playing "Yes, No, Maybe". Photos by Aunty Adeline.

A message from our Chapter Sponsor as we begin the new chapter year:

Thank you ALL for huddling together in the storm as we begin the new year. In spite of the physical challenges this morning, the Lord provided for our needs and gave us the opportunity to connect.

I am thankful that in spite of the storms we WILL face, the Lord WILL give us His peace as we huddle together to seek first His kingdom and righteousness and He WILL provide for ALL our needs. I look forward to our times of celebration as we give God the glory


I still liked the games even though it was rainy and I felt very cold!


~Blog post by Owen Ngeow

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